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Who are we

EuroCompany99 d.o.o. was founded in 1999.  Our main activity is
importing, processing, packaging, and wholesale of various food
products, such as - nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals, dried fruits and
exotic dried fruits.
From the beginning, the business strategy included strict control of
raw materials (followed by complete health care and documentation
according to EU standards), constant improvement of production, sales
and marketing, followed by organizational and personnel training.
These strategies allow us to successfully follow all the requirements
and trends of the modern market.
Our customers have our continuous support at their disposal,
throughout the year.


New production - warehouse complex in Ljubuski spreads over 8,000 m2,
of which 3,000 m2 is a controlled temperature (0-8 * C) warehouse.
Production capacities are based on latest technologies and are in
league with the most modern facilities of the type in Europe.
Security systems of the new factories are organized at the highest
possible level.


From the very beginning, our business strategy was based on strict
quality control of raw materials based on EU standards, supported by
our own laboratory.
Within the laboratory we test the quality of our products through
organoleptic analysis, microbial analysis and analysis of the presence
of aflatoxin.
The control is carried out continuously, in stages, beginning with raw
materials entering the factory, through  processing, packaging, and
delivery of finished products to the satisfied consumer.


- ISO 9001 Certificate no. CRO19050Q

- HACCP Certificate no. 1217

- IFS International Featured Standard Food Certificate no. INT130233DE

- BRC British Retail Consortium Global Standard Food Certificate no. DNKFRC96461F

Competitive advantages

- Wide range - a wide range of products
- Constant quality of products (standard-based)
- Continuity of stock
- Speed of delivery
- Customer service throughout the year
- Following new trends

Thank you for your time.
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