Eurocompany99 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a city in Asia with a total population of more than the total population of BiH and Croatia together, is a new business and sales market of our company's products.

For the Asian market, we produce dried fruits, nuts and seeds of our brand. So, we are very proud that our recognizable red color and red sash on the products will be "on the other side of the world". Each new market is a challenge for sales, but also for pre-production which involve a large number of participants, starting with researching the new market, exploring opportunities and legislation, studying culture and new market needs, learning languages, and declaring products in a foreign language. Chinese writing was the biggest challenge, but it also caused the most interest in developing this significant project.

By entering the Hong Kong market, we are planning even bigger steps, which is to get the most attractive growth market - China. With this, Eurocompany99 also shows its prospects and strength in development and in its capabilities.

Published: 13. 03. 2019.

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