Banana Chips

Banana Chips

On top of tall banana trees, fruits of banana grow and can contain 50-150 individual bananas. Bananas can be dried and do not lose thair taste. In dried banana carbohydrates rise from 23% to 88% of which the ratio of glucose and fructose is approximately equal. From the initial moisture of 75% in banana, dried bananas, or banana chips, has only 3% moisture. If it stays longer it becomes hard, so when eaten it is necessary to have good teeth or must be rehydrated. In order to preserve the product, dried bananas are soured in the honey.

all year (Philippines)


Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
518 kcal 34 g (20 g saturated) 2,5 g 8 g

Nutritional source of: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C.

Bananas are very good source of tryptophan that turns into a serotonin in the body, a neurotransmitter responsible for a good mood. High levels of magnesium containing, helping to concentrate. Thanks to a high potassium level, bananas will relieve acidity within the stomach, and high potassium content stimulates the digestive system. Bananas are good source of iron that makes them excellent in preventing anemia.