Although many consider it as a nuts, peanuts belong to the leguminous family. Flowering plants develop above the ground and then, because of their weight, bend into the ground where fruits of about 6 cm in length are grown, in which 1 to 4 seeds are covered with a reddish-thin shell.

It is grown in Central and South America and in Mediterranean countries, mostly in Israel. It is considered that Israel peanuts are the highest quality peanuts, exceptionally large, bright shells of a regular texture whose seeds are large and sweet tasted.

For consumption we seeds must be fried and it is extremely important to match the temperature and the time of frying. Peeling of peanuts is 140 to 160 oC, 20 to 30 minutes.
Non-roasted peanuts are not delicious and difficult to digest.
Peanut fry in shell or shelled. Peanut fried without shell is usually added with oil and salt. However, today it is more popular to dry fry, without adding oil and without adding salt.

Israel Super Jumbo 7-9 (pieces in ounce), peanut in shell: USA Fancy 11/13, peanut in shell Virginia: USA. Peanut in shell: Water Washed 11/13, China. Peanut blanched 40/50 (medium), China.
Peanut in shell Sep (China), Oct (USA) Peanut blanched (China), Apr/Jun (Argentina)
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fatt Proteins Fibers
623 kcal 51 g (9 g saturated) 29 g 9 g

Nutritional source of: calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B3.

Peanut is a source of mono unsaturated fats that help to prevent cardiovascular disease. It contains antioxidants, and they reduce the risk of developing cancerous diseases. Peanut improves brain function and memory. The fiber content improves the digestion and function of the intestine.

The diversity of peanut nutrition in the world is wide. In the West it is consumed as a snack, in cakes or as a supplement to salads and salted meats, while in the US widespread use of high energy peanut butter for preparing sandwiches and cakes. In Asia it is used to prepare satay sauces, in India it is offered after meals, in Africa as a supplement of seasoned meals.