Raisin or dried grapes are obtained from grapes without seeds, by drying. Due to the natural content of fructose and glucose, they are an excellent source of fast energy and are therefore very useful for athletes, children, pregnant women or recovery after illness.

They can be added to morning flakes or smoothies, salads, doughs, sauces or prepare them with a healthy energy board. Ass they are natural sweet, they are ideal as a sugar substitute for cooking a compote.

Raisin contain antioxidants that protect the organism from the development of cancerous diseases. They are rich in fibers that help cleanse the toxin organism and maintain the digestive tract health.

They contain fructose and glucose, helping to counteract the growth of bacteria responsible for caries. Darker grape varieties abound with anthocyanins that protect against allergies, inflammation and carcinogenic diseases.

Sutanas type 9, class A (darkest type 7, brightest type12); Iran, Turkey. Dark raisins: Dark Flames Jumbo, Thompson, type Jumbo 12 mm, Chile. Golden raisin: Golden Raisins Jumbo, Chile.
Jul/Aug (Turkey, Iran), Feb/MArch (Chile).
Nutritional Value in 100 g Fat Proteins Fibers
302 kcal <1 g (3 g saturated) 3 g 4 g

Nutritional source of: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper.

Raisins contain many minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, copper, zinc and iron so they are recommended for mineral deficiencies in the body. Complex B containing vitamins helps to create new blood cells, while higher copper content helps in creating red blood cells.

On our market the most famous and most used is the raisin varieties Sultan, originating from Turkey or Iran. Also, we have raisins of bright commercial epithets "golden" because of their color. It is obtained from light grapes, large grain, originating in Chile. The big dark raisins, obtained from the Thompson variety, are sooty and acidic as the most famous raisins of varietis Sultan. Regardless of the variety, the raisins are very similar to the nutritional composition.